venerdì, febbraio 10, 2006

miserable against miserable

Miserable against miserable, fanatic against fanatic, poor against poor, that is what I see in the next future. Let me explain: during those weeks we were witnessing a process of hate that is growing up both in the Christian and in the Muslim world, a process that seems to be unstoppable. Now it is time to tell you an interesting story: remember the satiric draws concerning Mohammed? They were first published something like six months ago, so somebody has to explain why did it happen once again.
Another funny question is why were they republished just a few days before the International Atomic Energy Agency made its move against Iran? Sorry folks, I don't have the answers, the only thing that I realized is that two "religious worlds" are now in some kind of ethical conflict and both sides are presenting the "opponent" in the most inhuman way possible. If this kind of process starts, blood will be spilled and as usual it will be the poorest and most desperate that will cover the ground.


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