domenica, novembre 06, 2005

Short presentation of intents

Hello folks, this blog is going to be written in three languages (it depends of my mood -maybe even four, it depends of Tix's mood), so this is a good chance to learn new languages. Don't be lazy dear readers (or fucking bastards, consider that our blog is named Total outrageous behavior, so don't pretend politically correct responses etc., because it is not in our DNA)!!!

A fact that I would like to remind is that this is not a web-diary, so I will not write stuff about myself (sexual habits, abuse of alcoholic drinks or whatever you can, imagine - I guess that in your perverse voyeurism you still have some imagination left). I will write about shit that is going on around this little insane planet in which we are supposed to be the most intelligent being on the surface, even if Douglas Adams questioned that a lot of times.

This is the manifesto.

Ker nimam volje prevajati, lahko to opravite sami.
Пошто ми се не преводи, то можете сами урадит'.
Siccome non ho voglia di tradurre, potete farlo da soli.


Anonymous Anonimo said...

Dearest, thank you for the international post. I'll keep myself updated. Guess it says alot of strange and interesting stuff here, but not less importantly, alot of nonsense. Just like it should be. Congratualtions with your new blog.

15/11/05 11:16 PM  
Blogger il_riottoso said...

Thanx my dear, I promise that I will write more international posts. Let's keep in touch ;)

17/11/05 10:21 AM  

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